Reviewed on June 29,2017    by  Shen Frances She Yin

導遊先生JAMES WANG非常盡責' 我們給滿分

Reviewed on May 22,2017    by  chang Judy h

a very good tour planning and services

Reviewed on May 22,2017    by  Lee Nan Fu

James Wang 是一个杰出的导游。他辛勤的工作使我们的旅游过程充满了欢乐。他给我们上了一堂有趣的欧洲历史课。他为我们解决了旅途中遇到的困难。希望明年旅游时,他还是我们的导游。


Reviewed on May 23,2017    by  Koo Sallie Wong

Tour Manager is excellent.

Reviewed on May 19,2017    by  Lo Ming Ling

這次的旅遊, 不論是酒店或餐食我個人都很满意. 特別是我很喜歡朱麗葉. 她很盡責, 熱心, 一路上照顧我們真的不簡單,凡事提前叮囑提醒,一而再,再而三,非常有耐心. 朱麗葉提醒我們在外旅遊一定要注意表现舉止.她很會講笑話和歷史故事,坐在車上很享受. 唱做都極好,叫人佩服, 有她的同伴非常開心. 她是你們公司的一塊瑰寶.

Reviewed on May 15,2017    by  Rendon Hector De Jesus

very good English specking tour guys John Huang he is wonderful


Reviewed on July 3,2017    by  Chu San Fu

安排很好。精彩但又不會過於緊湊 有自由行 無強人所難的推銷活動。25 人一團也很好
導遊非常優秀 全團都照顧很好。 車子也很乾淨舒適 司機也都配合很好

Reviewed on July 2,2017    by  Lee Yi Tzo

景點安排很好 希望能安排進去參觀西敏寺 旅館有冷氣太棒了
我們的導遊Mr. Nathan Xue 非常認真負責 態度溫和 學養豐厚解説詳細令人收穫頗多 自由行時 切切叮嚀 惟恐有人丟失。收費時也不會有濃厚商業氣息 最後一天還仔細教團員退稅 服務到家 實在是一位不可多得的鑽石導遊 我們大家都希望下一次出遊 薛先生能再次帶領 我們的車子 司機也很好是一次愉快的旅行😀😀😀

Reviewed on April 16,2017    by  Wong William

Very organized and helpful.


Reviewed on July 10,2017    by  Hu Lei Xin


Reviewed on May 3,2017    by  Zhao Jason

Mr. Eddie Chen did excellent job, we 16 people all love him so much. 陈先生是我参加所有旅游团导游中最优秀的一位。他的学识,他的热心,他的关爱和他的幽默,使我们每一天的旅游都充满了欢乐和满足。我和我的老伴已经在筹划明年的旅游计划,而且是非陈先生的导游团不参加。 Jason & Min.

Reviewed on April 11,2017    by  Lai Tai Ping

帶我們去歐洲旅游的導遊 Ms.Lu, 服務親切,待人非常熱誠,誏我們有個美好愉快的假期!


Reviewed on January 19,2017    by  Chan Picidia Kwai Tai

Very good services on Peony Tour's tour manager. Resolve all unexpected problems effectively.
I personally would like more time at the Vigeland sculpture park instead to rush thru it without exploring the sculptures.

Reviewed on January 19,2017    by  Chan Anna Kwai Heung

Paul is very efficient which saves us a lot of resting time. If he can further expand on his tour explanation, he will be an excellent guide.
I like the tour extension to St. Petersburg & Moscow very much. The extension is surprisingly good & left me an excellent impression for this trip.

Reviewed on September 20,2016    by  Bao Chengyuan

This is third time for me to join your company to Europe travel. Our guide Caro Hsu is wonderful.


Reviewed on May 24,2017    by  HU CHEI MING

Our tour manager Ms. Ann Tsao she's excellent. She's very knowledgeable in all respects. From historical information for each City/Site to Hotel/meals arrangement with lots patience. She's a pleasant tour manager for our tours. Thanks.

Reviewed on December 29,2016    by  Chen Guia Finuliar

Thanks to the excellent tour guide Freddy, & customer service Siu Fun Lau. Enjoy the trip very much.
Strongly recommended.

Reviewed on November 9,2016    by  zhang heng



Reviewed on May 15,2017    by  Xie Peiqing

very good and helpful

Reviewed on October 28,2016    by  Lee YI CHING CHEN


Reviewed on October 28,2016    by  Lee HENRY RWONG WAH



Reviewed on July 5,2017    by  Chen Juan Juan

We know this is a pioneer Ritz tour, all itinerary is new. Under our tour leader Ms. Caro Hsu extraordinary arrangement we had a pleasant trip.

Reviewed on May 23,2017    by  Wong Joyce

1. Caro Hsu was good and took good care of us along the trip.

2. I suggest to cover dinner everyday except maybe for the first and the second day in the beginning of the trip to avoid looking for meals on our own.


Reviewed on June 7,2016    by  Lai Doris Lai Ching

Caro Hsu is one of the best TM by far. Take good care of tour members. 5 Stars.

Reviewed on May 30,2016    by  Lai Paul Ching Por

Caro Hsu is great. Take care of everyone everything in a pro manner. Friendly, knowledgeable. A real pro guide.

中原古文化之旅12 天

Reviewed on October 20,2016    by  WU CINDY YAN PING

The whole 12 days were very enjoyable. We went to a lot of places that I had never been before. Most hotel rooms were clean, and the travel guides were excellent. Besides so many impressive art items to see in those old capitals, I also enjoyed riding the high speed train. When it rushed at 300+ KMH, it was amazing! The only thing I would like to mention is the hotel in Kaifeng. All rooms there had an ash tray and matches for the convenience of smoking. When I asked for a none-smoking room, they had trouble to find one. The only thing they could do was to clean up a room and label it “none-smoking”. I will recommend the tour to my friends and relatives.

Reviewed on October 20,2016    by  LEI DAVID ZI SHEN

I jointed the 12 days tour (09/08/2016 – 09/19/2016) and I enjoyed it every day. I got a broad picture of those famous old capitals. Most hotel rooms were very good, except the one in Kaifeng. They had a difficulty to offer me a none-smoking room. The local tour guides were very knowledgeable. I thought they could teach Chinese history in college. As we all know, everything should have a room for improvement. I suggest the tour to have a more considerate schedule. For example, on the high speed train from Taiyuan to Zhengzhou, if we could take it during the day instead of at late evening, it would be much more to see! Also, when we went to Luoyang, I expected to go Luo River to see 洛神. But it was not on the list of places! Luckily, when I asked, the local guide was kind enough to bring us there. I will recommend this tour to my friends and relatives.

北京 西安 桂林 上海 11 天

Reviewed on June 1,2017    by  Huang Sun

Very Good trip!

秘魯探秘之旅 8 天 7 夜

Reviewed on July 7,2017    by  Fong Byron

The Peru trip is our 2nd tour with Peony/Ritz. The first was the 17 days European tour in 2014 (with Freddy). Both times, my family and I enjoyed our trips very much. We are very happy to have found Peony/Ritz. The food and hotels have always surpassed our expectations. Your tour guides are always nice and very knowledgeable. Juliette Lu is a very good tour manager and would love to have her again on another tour. We look forward to taking other tours in the future with Peony/Ritz.

Reviewed on May 11,2017    by  Seto Eunice

very efficient and organized, appreciate on taking pictures for us and share it with us through email.
It will be perfect if this tour include Lake Titicaca.

Reviewed on May 3,2017    by  SETO BAOING



Reviewed on October 29,2016    by  Zhan Qian

I don't think the tour need 5 star hotel for last night because we only spent few hours in the hotel(9pm to 3am).

  • 歐洲之旅
    • 奧匈帝國東歐精選十二天(32)
    • 南歐西班牙葡萄牙風情遊十二天(25)
    • 歐洲精華之旅十二天(13)
    • 歐洲豪華之旅十七天(11)
    • 北歐及冰河峽灣之旅十二天(10)
    • 義大利深度遊十二天(9)
    • 英國、愛爾蘭經典之旅十四天(5)
    • 東北歐德捷波三國之旅十二天(2)
    • 希臘、土耳其、愛琴海巡禮十二天(2)
  • 中國之旅
  • 海外精選